CB9 Chamber out of Spec.. I think???

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CB9 Chamber out of Spec.. I think???

Postby bitsman » Fri Oct 23, 2015 7:51 pm

Pulled the 9mm derringer out to take with me today.. Had a Dr appointment and since you can not carry inside a hospital I did not want to leave something that cost more in the car... When I got home I thought a little cleaning and oil would not hurt much... upon inspection I noticed that one of the chambers seem to be a little out of spec.. Its the top barrel.. the round seems to stick out more than the bottom chamber.. not by much,, best I can tell with my limited measuring tools its only about 0.006 to 0.008 inches.. but you can tell the difference when you rub a finger over them both... pictures are not all that great but if you look carefully you can tell....

Chamber on the Right

Chamber on the Right
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