Still makin the rounds with drug dealers.

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Still makin the rounds with drug dealers.

Postby Banned for Life » Thu Nov 02, 2017 2:51 pm

Posted on my local pds fb page earlier.

Edit. Maybe this link will work..
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Re: Still makin the rounds with drug dealers.

Postby David Vincent » Thu Nov 02, 2017 5:14 pm

Its a shame clever and inexpensive guns like ravens get associated with criminals and scum that use drugs for fun. It makes it harder for law abiding folks like those here to collect and enjoy our little toy particle accelerators. its bad enough we get ridiculed by other gun owners and fans.

Thats actually a pretty nice Raven. Such a shame.... its probably a stolen gun.
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Re: Still makin the rounds with drug dealers.

Postby adam01364 » Fri Nov 03, 2017 9:17 am

I really like Ravens. The design of the gun is really awesome. Seriously.

Look at other .25 caliber pistols pre '68 GCA: The Rigami Galesi, Brescia Galesi, Bernardelli, Beretta, RG Rohm, Browning Baby, etc. While these little pistols are wonders of engineering and beautiful on their own (well, the RGs would be if they were made of steel) they are complex designs, just ask anyone who has stripped them down to the frame and rebuilt them. Some of my best gun deals on these have been guns that someone took apart and could not reassemble. Along comes George Jennings and he designs a pistol that is beautiful in its simplicity. No "push this, twist that" to take it down, very few parts, a mere two levers and four springs... it is an amazing piece of engineering. If it were made of steel and priced appropriately -say, $100- back in the day, it probably wouldn't be looked down on by the snobs; certainly if it were made in WWII -in a higher caliber- the snobs would fall all over themselves to own themselves a copy. But it's not made of steel, and it's not a WWII pistol.

But here's the thing. George Jennings took advantage of legislated market protectionism -the '68GCA- and he made a boatload of money with the Raven, thereby scoring a huge coup. Simple design, simple & inexpensive to manufacture, and extremely profitable. It was a Win-Win-Win for him and his family. If Jennings were making anything other than a handgun, he would be a minor celebrity. Google "Ron Popeil" and look at the results. Pictures, websites, etc. Now Google "George Jennings". No celebrity at all. And yet George Jennings was the Ron Popeil of handgun manufacturing, and Raven Industries was Jennings' version of Ronco.
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Re: Still makin the rounds with drug dealers.

Postby Flowmaster » Sun Nov 05, 2017 9:02 pm

Very well said Adam. I saw a Raven MP25 sliding safety at the gun show today. They haven't made Ravens in a long time but they still pop up sometimes. I see a lot more Ravens than I do Lorcins or even Jennings J22s. Maybe its the area that I'm in or something.
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