carrying your Raven in Condition 1

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carrying your Raven in Condition 1

Postby Don » Sat Mar 14, 2020 4:14 pm

To this point I carry all my SNS striker fired semi-autos with nothing in the chamber and practice draw, rack and shoot drills when I go to the range. All that being said I still feel like I'm at a disadvantage doing so. I've tried to get these guns to fire while at the range with the safety on by squeezing the trigger hard, bumping them on the bench(pointed down range) and smacking them with my fist at every possible angle but no discharge. I know there was a poster here awhile ago named ranchdog who did carry his in condition one. What are your feelings on this if the gun is carried in a good holster with good retention either in pocket or on the hip? I ask because I've been carrying my Ravens quite a bit lately and I want to know how others are addressing this same issue.

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Re: carrying your Raven in Condition 1

Postby Dave_H » Sat Mar 14, 2020 5:51 pm

Can't speak to carrying the Raven per se. Just had one for a while, and didn't carry it.
I've drawn down my gun collection for financial reasons a couple of times over the years.
I did have an old sliding safety style J22 that I drop tested out of curiosity. I took a 22lr, took out the projectile and powder, leaving nothing but a primed case.
I loaded it in to the J22. I spent the next few minutes dropping it repeatedly on a carpeted woodfloor. Not too scientific, but that particular J22 didn't discharge during that.
I still only load my current one(s) when it is time for them to go bang though. Better safe than sorry. I like them, but it's a cheap gun, and their quality control guy can run through a room faster than Usain Bolt.
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