Like new gt27

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Like new gt27

Postby 84minieldo » Wed Mar 14, 2018 7:35 pm

Got a good one here came with box and paperwork,99.99, cash in hand hundred bucks otd! delayed again...then I'll blame photocrapit for not running to the Internet to tell u guys....looks like its had one range trip in its frame silver slide and barrel wood WAS in perfect cond, but the rtards at the store suck a BIG,talkin 4x3 sticker on the top right over the pic and targa logo,which cuased minor flecking but no tears upon careful removal...they also had a like new j22 Chrome w/wood grips w/ box for 149.99, but my gun budget is spent for this month...unfortunately can't post pics still...
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Re: Like new gt27

Postby David Vincent » Thu Mar 15, 2018 12:08 am

fairly solid little pocket pistols. They can be a little fragile in the zamak frame area so you might not want to shoot it on a cold day. They are pretty reliable and accurate if kept clean. You have a steel slide on a soft zamak frame so you want to keep the rails greased and keep the recoil springs fresh if shooting a lot. Also pay attention to takedown. When you lift the rear of the slide off the frame be gently as the zamak rail can wear down really easily at the rear of the frame.

The tanfoglio titans are pretty rough internally. stoning the rails on the slide will also help save the frame rails as they can really tear up the zamak if you get a really rough one. The area that can crack on the frame is the two pin holes that hold the barrel to the frame. If you look you will see there is not a lot of material at the top of the pin holes. I would not advise letting the slide slam hard into battery on an empty chamber.

If you end up carrying it the smooth plastic grips are the thinnest by far. The wood are the thickest. Accuracy is good for a pocket auto. Easy to carry although the safety is just a trigger block. There is a half cock feature but I dont trust it with a round chambered.

Good side is parts are out there and not super expensive. The frame usually goes before anything else but the steel is pretty soft on these. Sometimes the rear of the recoil guide rod will deform and need some attention.

Personally I like them. They are flat, easy to ankle or pocket carry, open slide helps reliability, good extraction. etc. Durability is not as good as some other SNS guns but its not the worst either. When running correctly they are more reliable than most SNS guns and the same goes for accuracy assuming the barrel is in decent shape at the crown. They are kind of like a cheaply made beretta 25 in some ways but they work. Probably the best of the euro zamak type SNS guns as the slide dont crack up (on the GT27 anyways) and the small parts are steel... lot of small parts. From what I remember These guns came in as parts kits after 68 and were put together on american made zamak frames to get around gun control laws prohibiting all the incredibly dangerous pistols in smaller calibers like the mighty 25acp.

I have a few of these. I think I have had three where the frames cracked at the barrel pin holes. They didnt blow up or malfunction but I didnt push my luck. One I bought in an auction was cracked when I inspected it and it kind of soured me to the titans/gt27s. I still carry a non cracked one as a backup one once in a while though because it has rounded contours, flat, and overall easy to handle.

there is a version of these titans that have a zamak slide. Avoid these like the plague. They crack slides worse than RGs, spescos, LT25 lorcins, and sundances.
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Re: Like new gt27

Postby adam01364 » Thu Mar 15, 2018 7:12 pm

Congrats on your new acquisition! We do need pics...
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Re: Like new gt27

Postby Flowmaster » Fri Mar 16, 2018 7:38 am

Is it an EXCAM frame?
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