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Re: Background Check info

Postby bitsman » Thu Apr 24, 2014 10:26 am

jeffchance wrote:They follow the path of the firearm. From the mfg/importer to the distributor to the dealer. Dealer looks it up in his A&D book, and it has the owner's info and 4473 info. Sometimes the dealer transfers it to another dealer, then they transfer it to the owner. This cycle can continue for quite a while. Often times the last owner has reported it stolen and if there is a proper police report, they are off the hook. If it is in the possession of someone other than the last owner, there are lots of questions to be answered.

If the last owner took it to a gun show and sold it, hopefully they have some sort of record or receipt to prove where it went to. If not, there are lots of questions to be answered.

Hope this answers some questions.

Jeff is correct here... However, i might point out that under Federal law private citizens who sell, trade, or gift a firearm are under no obligation to keep any form of record of the transaction. The only requirment is that the person selling can not have knowledge that the person getting the gun is prohibited from owning the weapon in question. Local or State laws may require some form of record. Here in the Land of Dixie this is not a concern. Of course i have a nice file with records of all my transactions.... Just in case something is ever tracked back to me. After pointing out to the FBI or ATF agents That might be asking such questions what the law actually is i would provide them with the paperwork they asked about.... They would not be given open access to the whole file i have... Of course if the encounter was friendly and in no way accusatory things would go much smoother for everybody concerned.

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