Mousegun photo/size comparison by Adam

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Mousegun photo/size comparison by Adam

Postby Admin » Tue Sep 23, 2014 11:50 am

Mousegun photo/size comparison by Adam

Adam01364 wrote:A Bernadelli in 22 short is just a tad smaller and thinner than a Baby Browning; it's a perfect little pocket pistol when you want to carry but you can't conceal your everyday carry weapon.

FergusonTO35 wrote:Very cool! There are so many cool mouseguns out there, unfortunately most of them are .25 Auto and so at least 25-40 cents a shot to fire. That has always kept me from getting into them, it's expensive enough to feed the more common rounds. So, that's what you carry when your Bauer is just too big and ungainly? :oops:

So many mouseguns to choose from. The "pearl" grips on the Bauer make it kinda fat so when I carry an ultra mouse pistol it's usually a vintage Baby Browning.

Baby Browning and clones on the left; Bernadelli 25's on the right.


Below are some other Mouseguns at random. Sizewise, the MPA Protector 380 has the most power per square inch. Hurts to shoot, too! :lol:

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