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RESEARCH LINKS - general ROF & SNS information

PostPosted: Wed May 09, 2012 11:29 am
by pockets
“Ring Of Fire” family tree / Beginning with George Jennings and his fabulous RAVEN

SEDCO SP-22 .... review from S.W.A.T. magazine December 1989

Massad Ayoob – “Cheap Guns Are Good Enough” (That’s right…a pro-cheap gun article written by Massad Ayoob)

Frontline – the famous interviews of folks like Bruce Jennings and Jim Waldorf

VPC’s “Deadly Exceptions” – some good info on several SNS gun makers

Defending Precious Possessions – Davis Industries blurb

Concealable Pocket Pistols: How to Choose and Use Small Caliber Handguns - THE BOOK for Ring-Of-Fire fans

Brandon’s Arms – the real truth concerning what happened with Bryco/Jennings and the Brandon Maxfield case

Davis, Sundance, & Lorcin – Sued Shut

Saturday Night Special - photo gallery

Vest Pocket Pistols

Davis P32 & Davis Industries information

Triple K – this magazine supplier’s site has basic information on tons of pocket pistols

Atlas Of Arms – line drawings of various SNS’s like “RG”

Club Little Gun

Taming The Jimenez JA380