Info on Laserlyte LT-PRO and/or LT-PRE

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Info on Laserlyte LT-PRO and/or LT-PRE

Postby lost californian » Mon Nov 02, 2015 2:16 pm

Hey, y'all....long time no post. Sweetie is interested in the two of us getting a Laserlyte laser target (TSB-1) and practicing in the house this cold season. I have a problem tho. Her gun is a Taurus .327 snub nose revolver. I can't get confirmation from Laserlyte that the current production LT-PRE will work in it, they just keep saying its rated for .357 to .50AE guns, and everything in between.

I was wondering if anyone on the board has either the LT-PRO or LT-PRE and would be willing to measure the dang thing and see if it would fit in a .32 call barrel. Bullet diameter for the .327FM is .312, so the barrel will be just a smidge smaller, right? Specs for the LT-PRE says min diameter is .28, and the LT-PRO says min diameter is .325.

Any help is appreciated, thanks!
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