Sticky: SNS/Ring of Fire history: help clear up some things

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Sticky: SNS/Ring of Fire history: help clear up some things

Postby Admin » Thu May 10, 2012 10:18 pm

Sticky: SNS/Ring of Fire history: help clear up some things
I'm trying to do a list showing how various companies in California's "Ring of Fire" were associated with one another. I have checked Wikipedia, JTJersey's website, VPC, Brandon's Arms, and the PBS interview of Bruce Jennings, an LA times article from 04, and a Washington Post article from 1999.

Here is what I have compiled so far. Its really just notes.

George Jennings Started Raven in 1970. Factory burned in Nov. 1991. George Jennings retired, sold rights to Phoenix Arms. At the time, Phoenix was owned equally by Bruce Jennings (son of George Jennings), George's Ex-wife (first or second wife?), their daughter's 4 children, and the Raven plant's general manager named Dave Brazeau.
Bruce Jennings son of George Jennings. Started Jennings in 1978 and Bryco in 1992. Went out of business with the whole brandon's arms thing that we're all familiar with, resulting in the purchase of the assets by Paul Jimenez, former Bryco employee.
Jim Davis son in law of George Jennings. He married Gail Jennings, who changed her name to Gail Davis upon marriage. Jim Davis was the office manager of Raven. John Davis Started Davis Industries in 1982. He went on to start Republic Arms in 1998.
Jim Waldorf Lorcin Engineering. (dates of operation?) went on to start Standard Arms in the end of 1999. Standard Arms was short-lived and made centerfire handguns, that's all I really know about it.
Steven Jennings Started Sundance Industries (Nephew of George Jennings, but that's all I found about Steven Jennings) 1989 to 1999. In 1999, the company filed for chapter 7 bankruptcy.
John Davis please fill me in folks. i know he started Sedco in 1987. John Davis is the brother of Jim Davis and used to work for George Jennings at Raven. John Davis got sued for something along the lines of "likeness of design" or infringement of some kind for copying firearm designs.
Janice Jennings: According to the Manta profile for Shining Star Dist (who is the sole distributor for Jimenez arms), is managed by Janice Jennings. she's the ex-wife of Bruce Jennings (one of his two wives I believe) and wired $430,000 to Jimenez arms the day Jimenez was started. this was apparently a down payment on a large lot of handguns they would be receiving later in time. Also, that day Shining Star Distributors borrowed $450,000 from a daughter of Janice Jennings (who exactly?) which makes me think that even though Jimenez Arms is run by Paul Jimenez, that the Jennings family bankrolled the operation to at least get it off the ground. Janice Jennings is still making money off of the operation by being the exclusive distributor for Jimenez Arms.

please feel free to build on this or clear up anything I may have gotten wrong. I put questions in italics.
A timeline like this has been sorely needed for some time, and this is the start of a worthy sticky.

I have little to offer other than questions: on the recent "Bling!" thread, someone posted a picture of a 10th anniversary gold-plated Lorcin pistol, which is important mostly because it indicates that Lorcin survived for 10 years. Who woulda thought? So whicht ten years (start to finish) were they?

And, more importantly, can anyone provide a year-by-year breakdown of the models introduced each year? How many and when were the aluminum frame models made ? (Just wanting to fill in some Lorcalic history here.)

I'm pretty sure that Lorcin was around from 1988 to late 1998 or early 1999. It has been said several times on this forum that Lorcin folded at about the time of their tenth anniversary. After Standard Arms of Nevada (which proclaimed itself to be "law enforcement grade") went under in the early 2000's Jim created another short lived operation called Talon Industries, based in Montana. The Talon pistols live on as the Cobra Patriot .380 and 9mm. That, plus the continuation of the Lorcin .32 and .380 pistols tells me that JW may still be active behind the scenes at Cobra. Jim Davis might also as all the Davis pistols are continued by Cobra.

This is a great project! Hope the following will help.

Lorcin was started in 1989, and starting selling the .380 in 1992. The company lasted 10 years, but only produced guns for about eight or nine years. That makes the 10 year pistol interesting.

A good source for dates is:

thanks folks. i completely neglected talon.
keep it coming folks, if you have anything else to add to this little project of mine.[/list]
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