Misbored Take-Down Button Issue

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Misbored Take-Down Button Issue

Postby Admin » Thu May 10, 2012 10:25 pm

Misbored Take-Down Button Issue
The following is for JA22/JA25/JA32/JA380 and Jennings models using Jimenez parts.

I recently purchased a new firing pin, spring, takedown button from Jimenez ($15 included shipping). However, when reassembled, the pistol would not cycle without great effort. After fiddling with the things for a two hours (!) I discovered the problem was a misbored takedown button, that caused the spring to place a biding pressure on the slide. Go figure!

Jimenez called Monday, and a new take-down button is "on the way." I am posting this just in case others have a similar issue. Some of the "symptoms" include:
1) does not slide easily when the spring is installed, does slide easy without the spring.
2) does not always "cock" the pistol, due to the slide not going all of the way into battery....about 1/32" short.
3) When shot (manually with effort cycling the round into the chamber), the take-down button and bring go "flying."

So, if you have these issues, check the bore alignment of the take-down button. It's easy to tell if it is off, as the material will be thick on one side and thin on the other!
Thanks 356.

A couple of new board members were describing an issue exactly like the one you have described - difficulty in cycling and not cocking the firing pin.

I was at a loss for helping because I had not heard of a misaligned bore on the takedown. This information is great stuff, another in a long line of reasons why BJJA rocks!
Guys thanks so much for posting this about the take down button. While out shooting I had an issue and lost the takedown lever and some other parts. I was really upset. I ordered new and the gun would not cycle and was stiff to try and work the slide. I had all but given up and decided to look here. Yesterday I called and they are sending me out a new takedown lever.

Thanks again.
Sounds like a winner, gf44mag.

The small discoveries, such as the one that 356 posted above, can make a world of difference between a non-functioning model and a fine firing gun.

Glad it worked out for you.
It would be interesting to know what series of pistols had this issue. The culprits seemed to have been early JA series pistols, so I hope the issue is not one that is rearing its ugly head again. As for "BJJA Rocks," I agree, this is my favorit forum on the web!
Adding this to my failure list

I recently ordered a new takedown button(free). Installed it, racked the slide, cocked indicator showed orange, pulled the trigger, pulled again, nothing. Dropped the mag, ejected the round, and investigated. Dry fired ok
Didn,t see. Anything wrong, inserted the mag, racked the slide, pulled trigger and nothing. indicater still showed cocked, so I put the weapon on the table and bang. It discharged. The indicator was jamming in the takedown button because the bore was to small. The percussion of setting it on the table freed the firing pin and fired the. Round . Jimenez was great, sent me thefiring pin, spring, and takedown button together. Everything is good now, but that could have been a serious issue.
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