Things to watch for when you buy a Jennings 9 By Ranch Dog

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Things to watch for when you buy a Jennings 9 By Ranch Dog

Postby Admin » Fri May 11, 2012 9:02 pm

Sticky by Ranch Dog

Here, save you some time...

Cracked Frame. This is a long post, bottom line is I removed the little piece of metal in the opening photo, dressed it smooth, and have kept shooting.

Chamber Indicator Fix

Safety & Trigger Bar Maintenance
Problems with the engaging/disengaging the safety
Below is a well thought out, simple solution for a common problem that Ranch Dog developed for his Jimenez pistol.

"martin08" wrote: I have had to push the slide rearward with my left hand to release the lock.
Martin and duffman770... that is how it is supposed to work.

JA-Nine Instruction Manual, page 9
When ready to shoot, disengage the manual safety and with your free hand grip the slide and pull it fully to the rear. Release slide to feed a round into the chamber.
Forcing the Safety Lever down (disengage) with the slide locked back will eventually damage the lever.

If you are having problems with the engaging/disengaging the safety with the slide in battery (forward), place some lube on the lever. The Safety Lever drags against the frame of the pistol. I pull the left grip off, very carefully unless you want to work on the magazine release as well, and polish the pad cast in the stock where the lever works and then apply a "moly" type grease to the pad area. I just apply a very light coat with my finger tip. It is a "must do" item for this pistol.


This photo is before I polished the pad. I use fine steel wool across my finger tip and polish it bright silver. Takes a couple of minutes.

I did not have a picture of the "post" polished safety lever pad but this will give you an idea of the work. This is the same treatment but on the pad that supports the trigger assembly.


The work on both sides of your naked stock will really slick up the pistol. This is the only "taming" I do. I shoot the pistol to work the rest in.
This is for the JA-NINE and the LC-380 Jimenez models. The safety does double duty on these guns:

1. Sear block
2. Slide-lock-open

What I learned today is that the slide-open release is not affected by the above method. The procedure is for for smoother safety operation with the gun in battery only. When the slide is locked open, one would still need to move the slide rearward with an opposing hand and move the safety lever down to allow the slide to travel forward into battery.
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