JA-Nine Trigger Assembly

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JA-Nine Trigger Assembly

Postby Admin » Fri May 11, 2012 9:19 pm

JA-Nine Trigger Assembly
Part of the work I wanted to accomplish last week was to take my JA-Nine completely apart, save the two pins attaching the barrel to the frame. I hoped to find something I could work on that would provide a little more feedback during trigger reset after the shot. I even took the pins out of the trigger itself to look at the springs!

There just isn't much to it. Basically, two metal levers interacting with each other is all that trips and resets the trigger.These two parts are held in place by a "pad" molded into the frame and the back side of the pistol grip.


Using some very fine files, I perfected the right angles where these two levers meet. I then polished the levers with some very fine stones, a polishing that maintained the right angles of each lever. There was some bad wear where the parts matched but it has been cleaned up and they mate well.


There was also wear evident on the backside of the pistol grip and the pad on the frame. I honed the inside and outside surface of the two levers as they were very rough. In the first picture you can seen that leading outside edge of the trigger lever had quite a bid of rough surface but is now honed slick. I used plastic polish to buff the inside of the grip. It is very smooth now. The frame pad was also rough and pitted. I smoothed it with a fine hone and then used Mother's Metal Polish to buff it to a mirror finish.

Once assembled and using snap caps, the trigger really feels good. The trigger reset is still weak and hard to detect but it is better than before. The felt reset is actually overshadowed by the slide's trigger disconnect snapping back up and out of the way.
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