My worst looking J22

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My worst looking J22

Postby Flowmaster » Mon Jun 12, 2017 6:23 am

This is my worst looking J22. I got it as a parts gun missing a bunch of stuff. The guy I bought it from was closing down his gunsmithing business and had bought some cheapie guns to use as parts sources for his customers. This was one of them. He told me that there were some FFL-only deals many years ago from J&G sales. The gunsmith bought a few of the more common models and they were all really rough and missing some parts. He suspected they were probably out of some evidence locker somewhere. When I got it, the gun had a slide, barrel, frame, and that's about it. I think it had the mag release and maybe a grip panel. I had enough stuff in my stash at home to put it together the same day I bought it.
I think I posted pictures of this gun on the old forum but who knows. The gun has been in the hands of a good friend of mine the last 4 or 5 years. I thought of it as a long term loan. He and his girlfriend were buying a condo together and were about to get married so I gave them this J22 just as something to have in the house 4 or 5 years back. They have since had a child and are buying their own gun as well as a real safe to put it in.
I just LOVE the honest wear on this gun. That's the new hotness today and people are paying big bucks to have their ARs and Glocks done with a battle worn finish. The wear on this gun is strange. One side just looks worn, the other side has pits in it. Maybe this sat on a damp surface for a long time or something. The inside of the frame and slide look fine, just a little worn.
In the picture it looks like somebody was using it as a hammer but that's just pitting, not peening.

Here's the way I bought the gun from the old gunsmith. He had a paper bag that was rolled up at the top. He handed me the bag and said I could feel around the outside of the bag but I couldn't see what was inside. I was able to identify all 3 guns in the bag just by feel. Then I asked him how much he wanted for the whole bag. He said $40. What a deal for somebody like me who likes these guns and has the extra parts to get some of them up and running.
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Re: My worst looking J22

Postby ConditionOne » Wed Jun 14, 2017 6:58 am

Thats very cool - its surly seen rough times. I wonder how long it took for natures elements to do that to Zymac vs. if it was real steel. Its much more worn than my worst J gun. I have one assembled from parts I gathered along with some from adam01364. Seems to be a favorite of mine.

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