Possibility of target grips for J22s

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Possibility of target grips for J22s

Postby Flowmaster » Sun Jul 21, 2019 9:18 pm

Has anyone ever thought about doing target grips for the J22 or JA22?

I feel like it would be a good platform just because there are so many guns out there floating around. The guns are so common that likely somebody would be interested in buying custom grips for it.

Here is what I'm thinking of:
Grips using the existing grip screw hole on each side but wrapping around the backstrap of the frame to give you a little more to hold onto, but more importantly having the grips protrude a bit lower than the bottom of the frame so that you could get more fingers on it and fill out your palm better. A simple notch for the heel magazine release would be enough to still use the mags, but you'd have more grip there to hold onto.

Anybody got ideas?
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