SAS-12 Semi Auto Box fed 12 gauge. +Hawk 982 Pump.

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SAS-12 Semi Auto Box fed 12 gauge. +Hawk 982 Pump.

Postby Banned for Life » Mon Dec 17, 2018 11:00 pm

I'm not a huge shotgun guy. I have a few but I don't run them much. Mostly old Mossbergs and a Chinese 20 gauge rabbit eared double barrel. Im not a huge guy and 12's really friggen hammer me.

First the sas-12. I bought one of these a while back when Centerfire systems had them for $120. They are $140 now I believe.

There is a pretty good fluff and buff shown on youtube and it goes into detail of the takedown and what not. Mine needed it all.
It came with 2 3 round mags and I bought 2 5 found mags when centerfire had them on sale. The day I took it to the range after the clean and deburr the local gun store near by had a bunch of high brass 4 shot for Dirt cheap. Like $5 for a box of 25. I bought them all out! I ran 100 rounds through it (Poor ass shoulder) and now the goofy thing will eat anything including walmart target 100 round box stuff. I Have though about cutting this down a bit but I think I am going to leave it alone. Pic stolen from web.. It is Chinese as well but it for sure isnt made in the norinco factory like the hawk guns are.

The Second I bought was a Hawk 982. Robertson trading post is my poison. I check their GB page everyday and they had a few of these up for sale for $140 new old stock. I wanted one of the older Norinco inthaca clones but those seem to have gone through the roof in price so I settled for this. This is a Badass and well made Shotgun. It is Chinese but it looks to still be made by Norinco as the older 982's were. So far I have ran pretty much everything through it and I have retired my Mossberg 500 youth 20 I got as a child to the safe and put the 982 into it's old role as closet gun. This one had to be cleaned of all the cosmoline as well but I didnt have to do any fluff and buffs on it. Slugs and buckshot are super fun it it. I saved up a bunch of milk jugs and blew them all up over the summer. Sure makes a mess! Took forever to clean it all up but it was worth it.
Supposedly this is a 870 clone and it doesnt use any MIM parts like the new rems do. I'd like to put the heat shield on it like Robertson had on a few of them. Gives it that trench gun look.

I'd still like to get one of the 12 gauge double barrels Century imports has like the 20 gauge I have now.
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Re: SAS-12 Semi Auto Box fed 12 gauge. +Hawk 982 Pump.

Postby Flowmaster » Wed Dec 19, 2018 7:35 am

A friend of mine put a heat shield on his Mossberg 500 and it rusted almost instantly. It was weird because the rest of the gun was just fine. So you may want to watch out for possible rust issues.

I remember when those shotguns were really cheap at Centerfire Systems. I should've bought one.
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