inexpensive pistol rack

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inexpensive pistol rack

Postby pockets » Fri Dec 18, 2015 5:37 am

I am sure many of you already use these. The vinyl coated wire drain racks for plates work very well as pistol racks.
This isn't really new I bought one years ago at Walmart. Then my local Walmarts stopped carrying them for some reason. Been looking for one ever since. Found them at Amazon this past Monday, my wife ordered a couple for me and they arrived yesterday. These are exactly the same as what I bought at Walmart several years ago.
They are 13" long and hold 8 pistols. The wire is spaced a little far apart for pocket guns, but I can add one wire in the center to modify it for shoter barrel lengths. As it is, the rack works for PPK size pistols and larger. Vinyl coating means no worries about contact rust. They can be trimmed to fit shelves. Quite versatile.
Sorry, I didn't take a photo of the rack with guns in it, but here is the link to Amazon.
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Re: inexpensive pistol rack

Postby Flowmaster » Fri Dec 18, 2015 6:04 pm

I love seeing items repurposed for gun-related storage. Your idea is a good one, one I've never thought to use before. I've seen special wire racks designed to hold guns but never bought any.

I personally use a shoe organizer on the interior surface of my safe's door to hold magazines. Image
I took one like this and cut it down the middle so I have enough pockets for 2 safes. It works quite well. The interior of my safe's door is basically just drywall wrapped in carpet so I had no trouble screwing a few screws into it to hold the shoe organizer in place.
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