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Postby bitsman » Sat Aug 11, 2018 11:03 pm

So I am thinking about getting some sort of AR pistol... Palmetto State Armory has complete upper on sale pretty much all the time ranging in price from $200 - $300 depending on caliber and included parts...(BCG, Charging handle usually)... Idea is this.. I would like something that I can use for Bama Whitetails as well as home defense. an 8 inch 9mm upper would be ideal for HD purposes I think... Pair that with a SIG Brace.. But for hunting not so much. THen we have 556/223 uppers... these usually run cheaper but get really good reviews. Again HD would be covered well.. and people do use 223 for deer.. I think shot placement is HIGHLY critical tho...along with a bullet of proper mass to get the job done... Figure if it can take down a human at 150 yards it could do the same for a 100 pound whitetail. Then we have the 300 BLK OUT... I will confess to my admiration for the 30 caliber bullet.. 110gr all the way to 200+gr.. and anything in between. I can us my current mags... Ballistics indicate a 300BO from a short 8-10 inch barrel is pretty well a copy of 30-30 from a 18 inch barrel.. A gun that has taken more game in North America.. well really the world then pretty much all the other rifle calibers,, COMBINED.. Shots in these parts rarely if ever go past 100 yards... Anyone have any experience with any of these calibers or weapons systems...
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