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Bryco • Jennings • Lorcin • Raven
Bryco • Jennings • Lorcin • Raven

Jennings Pistol

Historyof Jimenez Arms

Bryco's former foreman, Paul Jimenez, bought the bankrupt Bryco Arms for $510,000 in August 2004, and renamed the company Jimenez Arms. The former Model 380 (the 380 ACP version of the Model 38) was renamed the JA-380, and production of the same semi-automatic pistol design was resumed.

The soon-to-be-named Jimenez Arms (JA) was purchased by Paul Jimenez and resumed operations in Costa Mesa, California. The JA-NINE, the former Bryco Arms Model 380 (renamed the JA-380), the former Jennings J-22 (renamed the JA-22 LR), and the Jennings J-25 (renamed the JA-25) quickly became the only four firearms currently manufactured by the company. Due to California law requiring California-manufactured guns to pass safety tests, Jimenez Arms submitted passing test results on the new guns to the state, but the guns failed subsequent additional independent tests. The law requires that, upon failure, the manufacturer must correct the problem and resubmit for additional testing. Rather than complete the process, Jimenez Arms ceased California operations and established itself in Nevada, which has no safety testing requirements for firearms.

A business license was granted on August 30, 2006 for Jimenez Arms to commence operation in Henderson, Nevada, and production has resumed there. Since their relocation, the company has begun production of the JA-32 (a .32 ACP pistol based on the frame of the JA-380) and the LC380 (a .380 ACP pistol based on the frame of the JA-NINE).