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Bryco • Jennings • Lorcin • Raven
Bryco • Jennings • Lorcin • Raven


Make:  Raven Arms 

Made: Industry, California, USA 

Models: MP-25, P-25

Caliber: .25 Automatic 

Capacity: 6 Rounds 

Hammer: Slideback Type: Semi-automatic, blowback action

Raven Pistol

History of Raven Arms

Raven Arms was founded by George Jennings. It was founded, ironically, because of restrictions imposed on firearms importers as a result of the 1968 Federal Gun-Control Act.

The Gun Control Act of 1968 was enacted on the heels of the assassinations of Sen. Robert F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King Jr. The 1968 Gun Control Act effectively banned imports of small, inexpensive handguns by requiring foreign-made handguns sold in the United States to meet strict standards on size, weight, materials and safety features. The 1968 Gun Control Act was supported by America’s old school manufacturers (Colt, S&W, etc.) in an effort to stifle competition.

Those standards created by the 1968 Gun Control Act weren't applied to guns manufactured within the United States, effectively insulating domestically produced guns from foreign competition.

A friend who owned a small gun and pawn shop complained to George Jennings, "I can't buy these guns any more, and I used to sell 500 of them a month." At the time, the senior Jennings was running a machine shop that made parts for Southern California aerospace companies.

Raven Arms was born as a result of a product vacuum artificially created by the 1968 Gun Control Act. The company sold about 2 million of this .25-caliber gun over a 20 year production run.

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